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Every enterprise organization has the same three challenges:

Rather than try and tackle each issue individually with ad campaigns, consulting firms, and corporate retreats, implementing an employee advocacy program addresses all three challenges simultaneously by building a culture where employees instinctively promote the brand.

Our vision at Inphlu is to provide organizations with tools and knowledge to build world-class employee advocacy.

When employees are bought in to the company vision, have the tools to share it, and see the results of their advocacy, they become authentic and powerful brand ambassadors that elevate the entire organization.
Our story

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

- Unknown

Joshua Reid, founder of Inphlu, ran a successful social media marketing agency for years. Every client was different, but he noticed they all had one thing in common:

If the employees of a client would buy into the social media strategy and publish content from their own accounts, the organization would 10x its results.

Through consulting, coaching, and workshops, Josh’s agency implemented employee advocacy programs at enterprise organizations across the country with tremendous success. To increase efficiency and scale to this process, Josh and his team added technology into the mix and Inphlu was born.

Every feature, every workflow, and every pixel of Inphlu is the result from working in the trenches of employee advocacy and bringing those insights to scale.

Our Founder

Joshua Reid, Founder and CEO

In our lifetimes we meet many who have a vision but, very few who can make their visions come true. Joshua Reid makes it happen. This “Visionary Entrepreneur” believes “you should never stop dreaming because if you do, then you are not living.”

Josh began his High School academic studies by winning a scholarship to the prestigious private high school Bishop Maginn in Albany, New York, and attended college on an Academic Scholarship, receiving his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He then continued his education at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis for his M.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Josh, who is creative and inventive, has used these talents along with his strong technical background into starting a new company named Inphlu. Inphlu, an Ohio MBE Certified enterprise software that helps businesses amplify their message and drive recruitment, by sharing corporate-approved content through the social media channels of their employees.

Under Josh’s entrepreneurial leadership, Inphlu has grown through the Pandemic and expanded its capabilities. Due to Inphlu’s success and bright future, Inphlu has successfully raised over $2.1M in venture capital investments from Jumpstart Inc., The Presidents’ Council, TriKohr Capital, and many other prominent VC’s, Angels, and Enterprise Companies.

These collective organizations’ support, along with additional investments and awards, continues to allow the platform to expand and grow.

Josh can be reached at [email protected]

Employee advocacy vs. ads.

Advertising works like a faucet—you turn it on, and you get results.

When you turn it off, the results stop, too.

Employee advocacy works like a flywheel—over time, your momentum compounds your results with increasing speed and efficiency.
Employee advocacy starts with a mutual commitment for success.

Inphlu is not in the business of selling software.

Born from agency roots, we partner with all of our customers through 1:1 training and group workshops to make sure you have success with our platform.
Action > strategic plans

We’re not against strategic plans.

But the problem with strategic plans at most enterprise companies is that they end up being a very expensive investment that collects dust on a shelf once the quarterly planning meeting is over.
If you’re ready to use employee advocacy to grow your business, we provide the tools for you to take action immediately. Launch your employee advocacy program and see results in as little as 30 days.

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