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Inphlu is the only Tool you need for Employee Advocacy

Inphlu provides all the functionality you need to plan, execute, and evaluate an employee advocacy program. Here’s a closer look at the features you need to bring your authentic brand voice to life.

Easy training

Train your workforce with white-glove onboarding and support

From the c-suite to the marketing department to your frontline workers, it’s crucial that everyone at your organization gets involved in your employee advocacy efforts. And because not every employee has a marketing background or tech acumen, Inphlu has made it extremely simple to turn anybody into a polished brand ambassador.

The Inphlu team is with you every step of the way to ensure no employee gets left behind and you achieve your organizational goals for brand awareness, talent acquisition, and employee engagement and retention. 

Reach your goals

Set and achieve company milestones with your Community Goals

Posting on social media platforms more frequently and consistently is great, but moving the needle in your business in meaningful ways is much more powerful. By setting Community Goals within the Inphlu platform, you can help align your organization’s social publishing efforts to ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

When a Community Goal is set, employees will receive an email or text that will encourage them to post to contribute to reaching the goal.


Gamify the employee experience with your Leaderboard

Get employees off the bench and into the game by publicly recognizing their contributions to company goals.

  • Inphlu’s Leaderboard creates healthy competition by showcasing employee posting statistics.
  • Employees can earn badges and awards through using various posting features and hitting milestones.
  • Inphlu comes with 57 preset badges, and you can also upload custom badges.


Grow the brand while simultaneously growing company culture.

Complete control

Organize your team with admin controls

Inphlu’s admin panel puts you in complete control. Set different roles for employees and manage their access levels. 

Additionally, group your employees into teams representing their department, their region, or any other criteria you can think of. By organizing your workforce into teams you can help provide them with customized content for their role or region and better track their performance as a group.

AI Writing

Craft compelling content instantly using generative AI writing with your Storyboard

Inphlu is one of the first employee advocacy platforms to use AI to power social media content creation. Organizations can create 44 hours worth of content in just 60 seconds.

Never write content from a blank page again!

  • Add keywords and tags that reflect topics from your industry, products, or services then let our AI writing assistant do the heavy lifting.
  • Set a mix of original posts and curated content and add supporting photos, videos, and GIFs.
  • Create up to 90 days of content to publish on brand pages, but also the individual social profiles of the entire workforce.


Push out corporate-approved content to employees and allow them to automatically post, edit posts into their own voice, or use the generated post as a prompt to write their own.

Schedule your content

Take control of your brand voice with your Post Calendar

Get a 360º view of the content that the company brand and workforce will be publishing for the month.
  • Schedule content up to 90 days out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Edit upcoming content on the fly if necessary and share with employees.
  • Post Calendar and the entire platform can translate into 133 languages.
Real-time insights

Crunch the numbers with your Dashboard

Turn goals into reality with hard data. With Inphlu’s Dashboard, you and your team can get real-time insight into how your strategy is performing.

  • Start with leading indicators and measure post volume, new followers, total impressions, and total engagements.
  • Take it to the next level by analyzing actual clicks and conversion by using the URL shortener.
  • Break down data by platform, users, and custom tags.


Use Inphlu’s built-in data visualization chart to track month-over-month performance and adjust strategy as needed. Or, export data to an Excel spreadsheet.