Don’t hire Influencers… Train, Empower, and Elevate your Workforce into Brand ambassadors.

Don’t outsource your brand voice. Employee advocacy ensures the world sees your organization as an authentic and knowledgeable leader in your industry.

Growth starts from within.

High-growth organizations understand that you can’t buy your brand or your company culture.
Create, curate, and schedule brand-approved content

With the help of generative A.I.

Marketing managers can create a customized content calendar for global, national, and/or local audiences that’s on-brand and on-point. Reduce the content creation process from 44 hours to just 60 seconds. Smart!

Onboard and activate employees

One-click or QR code activation

Makes it simple for employees to connect their social accounts and view the posting schedule that’s been created for them. They’ll choose to automatically post approved content, edit the posts with their own voice, or use the content as a prompt to write their own. Authentic!

Recognize and praise employee contributions

Leaderboards create healthy competition within your organization

Employees can see their progress and earn rewards and recognition. Built-in tools for employee appreciation keep people active and engaged. Earn points for badges. Praise!

Track performance and crush organizational goals

Set organizational goals for reach, clicks, and conversions

and track them in real time with an intuitive dashboard. Show your team their ‘hard’ work is paying off with real numbers that align with your growth goals. Achieve!