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inphlu Membership Features
Frequently Asked Questions

We will provide you with a monthly calendar of social media post ideas planned out for you.  Each day is a prompt of what to post, specific to your industry or profession, on the social media platform (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) you'd like to focus on.

Our monthly marketing strategy is a document that provides you with a guide to implement steps necessary to align with your selected industry and marketing objectives.  We'll provide you with a plan every 30-days, but will also review it periodically for adjustments or changes based on the state of the industry.

There’s a wealth of information hiding behind all of your social media activity.  Each month we will provide you with a report that highlights all the content you shared, the interactions they generated from your followers, the comments you replied to and any conversions received, if applicable.  This unique information helps us track your progress and analyze the results of your social media efforts.

Simple, what works on Facebook, may not work on Instagram or LinkedIn.  Same applies to an individual or profession, what works for one may not work for the other.  Running a successful social media profile has to do with individuality and specificity, something a cookie-cutter template does not provide.  Every industry and/or profession has a unique language and culture.  The same goes for each Social Media platform.  We've worked really hard to develop a calendar, and strategy, that's specific to the differences each platform has.

The Inphlu helpdesk is staffed with social media marketing experts ready to help customers with any questions regarding their social media calendar, strategy, and/or analytics.  Each subscriber will have 24/7 email support unless you've subscribed to Tier 3, Tier 4 or Tier 5, in which you'll have a dedicated access to "Speak to the Guru."

Social media strategies and analytics can sometimes warrant several questions, and being able to interact with an invested and attentive human voice is invaluable when it comes to understanding and fostering a good rapport with our customers.   We are empathetic to the fact that some would prefer to speak with someone directly than by email.

Each Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 subscriber will have a dedicated marketing assistant to speak with directly to answer any questions regarding their social media marketing plan.

The Guru hotline is available to answer questions on-demand (i.e. strategy questions, guidance on setting up Facebook business page, ideas, etc.)

The #1 question asked by Inphlu customers..."Are you able to do the posting for us?"  Until recently, that answer has been no, but now, we are finally able to say YES!  You have the option of choosing whether we post 3x or 5x per week to you social media account. (Available for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn)
What We Do
  • Strategize and Post content that you will upload to your Inphlu Storage Folder
  • Find and Post curated content that’s related to your industry
  • Create Captions for your Posts
  • Provide Monthly Analytics Reports and Monthly Strategy
  • Video Conference for initial setup to address how to upload content, branding and strategy as well as answer any questions.
  • Provide you access to “Speak to The Guru Hotline” who is available to answer questions on-demand (i.e strategy, guidance on setting up Facebook business page, ideas, etc.)
What You Do
  • Schedule 30-minute Video Conference for initial setup to address how to upload content, branding and strategy as well as answer any questions. We’re a Team!
  • Upload all materials to your Inphlu Storage Folder that you want to be used (edited pictures and video clips, official logos, flyers etc.)*
  • Respond to comments, questions and direct messages and reviews**
  • Add Inphlu as an admin on your account so that we have access to post
  • You're responsible for reviewing scheduled posts and making any necessary changes
*All materials must be uploaded 7 days before the next scheduled month; same day posting is currently not available
**Inphlu is not an agency and will not be responding or interacting with your followers
Disclaimer: Inphlu will not edit or create any pictures, videos, flyers, logos, etc, to be posted on social media. Moreover, Inphlu will not post if no content has been uploaded by the agreed upon deadline. Inphlu is also not responsible for creating Ads for your account or creating and setting up business social media accounts.
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Updated & Delivered To You Monthly!
(1) Step-by-Step Post Calendar (2) Ad Strategies (3) Analytics

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